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Below you will find information directly related to Ed Sykes and his mission to return fallen brothers and also some related photos that didn't make it into the books. There are also a few interesting and entertaining videos coming soon!

Informative or entertaining articles written about Ed Sykes and his books


Photos of the Author and other Characters in his books


Videos regarding the first book and also additional content regarding the author himself


News Articles

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David Dinell

"Vietnam veteran: lucky to get out alive"

This article is from the Derby Informer regarding a book and speaking engagement by Ed Sykes.

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Michael H. O’Donnell

"Seeking a man left behind: Aberdeen war hero enlisted to help find Vietnam-era pilot’s remains"

This is an article about Leland Sorensen, "The Cable Guy." This article was written in 2014 before his trip to Laos.

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Ashley M. Wright

"Mission Complete: Wingman’s search helps bring Airmen home after 45 years"

This article is from Mcconnell Air Force Base, in Wichita, KS, Where Ed Sykes was the Commander of the Kansas Air National Guard.

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Mr. Chuck Prichard

"Not Forgotten: Final Salute For USAF Pilot Killed During Vietnam War"

This article is from Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency regarding the burial of Dave Dinan.

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Michael H. O’Donnell

"Families receive POW updates at Green Tree meeting"

This is an article about Charles Dinan and Ed Sykes attending the Green Tree meeting and reporting on the status of Dave Dinan's case.

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Owen Proctor

"49 years after pilot is killed in Vietnam War, he's laid to rest"

This is an article from Dave Dinan's home state of New Jersey, regarding the return of his remains.

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Book Related Photos

Eddy Sykes

The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell

Chapter 1: On Wisconsin

Mary Sykes

The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell

Chapter 3: The Patch

"Thud" Stick

The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell

Chapter 4: And The Horse We Rode In On

Fighter Pilot Gear

The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell

Chapter 10: My War

Personal Photos

Chuck Yeager, Ed Sykes and Ezra Sykes

Personal Photo with the great Chuck Yeager, a hero to all fighter pilots.

The Sykes Family

Photo taken at Bartz's swearing into the Kansas Air National Guard while Ed Sykes was the Commander of the 184th. (From Left: Bartz, Mary, Mandy, Jenny, Ezra and Ed)

The Garden

Ed Sykes mentions his garden an awful lot in the second half of the book: The Stream Where the American Fell.

Ed and Mary Sykes

Constant world travelers, even when it's just for enjoyment. This picture from their New Zealand trip.


Other Media

Find out more about Ed Sykes through his video interviews, podcasts, vlogs and even some storytelling videos.

Mary Sykes

Ed returns to Laos to prove to his wife that it all really happened!

Slideshow movie composed by Mary Sykes with pictures and content from their trip to Laos in February 2017. (Music by Ezra Sykes) To read the travel journal of the trip click here.

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Steve McIntosh, KNSS

Podcast interview with Author, Col. Ed Sykes.

Retired Air Force fighter pilot Ed Sykes discuses his military career and his new book.

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"There is a Way: The 421st Tactical F.S. 'Fighting Cavaliers' and their F-105 Thunderchiefs"

F-105 Thunderchiefs and their Pilots in Action - 1966. This short film will give you an excellent idea and a visual regarding Chapters 8-11 of The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell.

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