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A public speaker and an author publishing non-fiction works of his adventures in and out of the cockpit.


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"Ed Sykes doesn't just write the books, he lives them. His genre-bending true stories will leave you amazed and intrigued and a little bit more cognizant of what IS possible."

The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell -Available Now

The quest for an elusive symbol of entry into the ultimate fighter pilot fraternity...

Hardback, Paperback, E-book & Audiobook available on Amazon.com 
Autographed Hardback and Paperback available at through ACPress.us
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Coming in 2023 - Bringing Pappy Home

Can it be done? In the midst of a world-wide pandemic Ed struggles to fulfill his promise to Pappy's family and to himself...

Coming in 2025 - Stafford

Another lost pilot another mission ahead. Ed journeys to Vietnam to find his fallen buddy...

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The Patch and The Stream Where the American Fell

by Ed Sykes

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Ed Sykes gives us some insights to the exclusive world of "Fighter Pilots"

Who fights our wars for us and why do they do it? Are they ordinary people with special motivations? How may we better appreciate what they do and their sacrifices made on our behalf?

Ed Sykes gives us some insights to the exclusive world of "Fighter Pilots' with a very down to earth perspective. Motivation!? Yes! Reflections on how this came to be - yes! Accompanied by painful realization of having committed to something that may be more than anticipated - now what?

Some of it is ordinary. Saying "goodbye" - maybe the ultimate "farewell" - to your expectant wife on your way to combat is not ordinary! It is hard to contemplate, even in retrospect. Ed's 'goodbye" turned out ... see more

John McMerty
Brigadier General, USAF (ret),  Former commander of the 184th TFTG

This is a great read!

Col. Sykes does an amazing job of describing the feel of "strapping a fighter jet to your back" in this book. His exploits to earn "The Patch" show a dedication to service and achieving a goal that most people do not have the intestinal fortitude to see through. The author of this book did everything possible to achieve his goal of earning "The Patch," despite being seemingly robbed (politically) of the honor, but he also uses his tenacity and persistence to achieve another goal ... one that is much more selfless. I was completely amazed at the time, energy, and guts that Col. Sykes showed to find remains of his fallen wartime roommate. Is Col. Sykes really the "World's Greatest Fighter Pilot?" He says so ... and so does his fighter pilot son. Nonetheless, Col. Sykes is an American Hero. Thank you for what you did for your friend and his family, sir!

Casey Westenrieder, Author of What We Got Into: The Politics of Our War and the Trials That Followed 

S**t Hot!!!

Col Sykes has written one of the best fighter pilot books ever written! I especially enjoyed "The Patch" section as I was stationed at Korat in the 34th TFS as a bomb loader. His story brought back many great memories of the F-105 sights, sounds and smells. I can't imagine what the pilots went through after the loss of a friend or fellow pilot during their tour. Then having to go out on another mission soon after their loss. Unfortunately, I left Korat the day before Col Sykes arrived. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in fighters during the Vietnam war.

Frederick L

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